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We at My Brain Health Coaches are extremely pleased to welcome renowned Los Angeles-based neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier as our brand ambassador, Dr. Willeumier has devoted her distinguished career towards researching the brain-body connection. A nationally-renowned advocate for brain health, she has a passion for sharing her extensive research on brain function and longevity. She has been published in numerous peer reviewed journals including the Journal of Neuroscience, PLOS One Neuromapping and Therapeutics, the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Nature Obesity, Minerva Psychiatrica, Brain Imaging and Behavior, the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, Advances in Mind Body Medicine, Clinical Neuropsychologist, the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, Open Neuroimaging Journal, Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Nature Translational Psychiatry and The Journal of Systems and Integrated Neuroscience

While Dr. Willeumier’s focus is on maintaining cognitive function as we age, her published research encompasses a variety of areas including traumatic brain injury in professional athletes, posttraumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, autism, biomarkers of suicide, obesity and its effects on brain function, gender differences in brain function, clinical outcomes, and brain rehabilitation.

For Dr. Willeumier, preserving brain health is the key towards promoting a more active and productive life as we grow older. The brain’s cognitive reserve provides the ability to resist slowing or memory loss due to aging. Her research shows that multiple actions are required for maximum effectiveness on brain function over time, including maintaining optimal BMI, refraining from smoking and minimizing alcohol consumption, engaging in regular physical activity, and committing to well-balanced diet which is low in fat and cholesterol and rich in fruits, vegetables and antioxidants.

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