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Meditation has changed Angela’s life, and she feels it’s the most rewarding gift you can give yourself ( Angela started the process of educating herself about stress and soon discovered the works of Deepak Chopra, M.D. Shortly thereafter, she started a meditation practice and almost immediately began to experience its powerful effect in her life. She fell deeply in love with her practice and decided to study meditation with Dr. Chopra and became one of his certified instructors. Angela then opened a meditation center in Nashville called House of Bliss and traveled around the country performing at Deepak’s seminars, living the life of a spiritual gypsy for a few years. Angela ended up on a meditation retreat in India with Deepak and 500 other people from around the world. This journey was life changing and catapulted her into her life’s work, of helping others lead more balanced, healthy lifestyles filled with meaning and purpose.

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